Tutoring Services in England: Reach Your Academic Goals with Electric Learning

Personalized Self-Assessment

In the heart of Nigel’s online tutoring approach lies a unique opportunity for students in Year 5 to Year 11 – the pre-lesson self-assessment test in both English and Math. Before delving into the lesson, students are invited to navigate through this self-test, a personalized journey to assess their current understanding and pinpoint specific areas for growth. This intentional and empowering process allows Nigel to craft Zoom classroom sessions that are not only dynamic and engaging but also meticulously tailored to address each student’s individual needs. By offering this self-test option, Nigel champions a student-centric learning experience, where education becomes a collaborative venture between tutor and learner. It’s more than just a lesson; it’s a purposeful step towards academic empowerment and confidence-building, showcasing Nigel’s commitment to fostering a truly enriching online tutoring environment.

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