Unlocking Academic Success : Expert Maths and English Tuition in the UK and Worldwide

At Electric Learning, we are passionate about helping students unlock their full potential in Maths and English. Our expert tutors provide tailored lessons run at a pace and level to suit the learner, across the UK and worldwide, ensuring they develop the necessary skills & knowledge to achieve academic success. Contact us today to learn more & schedule your first session.

Personalized Online Tutoring for Students

Expert online tutoring in English and Math for years 5 to year 11 students across UK and worldwide. Our personalised lessons are conducted via Zoom, ensuring convenience and effective learning from the comfort of your own home.

Nigel Fearn

Business Owner

Nigel is the proud owner and driving force behind Electric Learning. With a passion for education and a dedication to helping students succeed, Nigel is committed to providing top-quality tutoring services. With years of experience in the tutoring industry, Nigel brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Electric Learning. He understands the unique needs of each student and works closely with them to create personalized learning strategies. Nigel’s innovative approach and hands-on teaching style have earned him a strong reputation among students and parents alike. With his leadership and guidance, Electric Learning continues to empower students to reach their full potential academically.

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